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Harry’s Kebabs by DJ Dribbler


The first book from BUMS friend and confidante, DJ Dribbler and we’ve got 15 copies to sell before he comes to play @ BUMS on Sat 4th April.

5 stars on Amazon, cheaper than online and we’ll deliver too. Comes with a BUMS ‘must read’ endorsement for anybody that survived the seminal early 90s club culture and lived to tell the tale...

Harry`s Kebabs follows five people in London who are all connected through the 90s rave scene and its peripheral subcultures. A pool hustler, a photographic memory, a beggar by choice and a psychopathic erstwhile seaman are brought together by a former pirate radio mastermind to teach the Maltese a lesson in how to be a Londoner.


DJing has allowed DJ Dribbler to live in many different cities and parts of the world. It was whilst living in the Caribbean, (Dominican Republic,) that he began to note down his experiences. These notes became essays, essays were printed and published in magazines and online then they eventually came together to form his first novella, Harry’s Kebabs.


This book is the result of the memoirs from a number of years DJing at underground parties in London and the extreme characters that he met and became friends with.


Applying the same approach to writing as he does to creating a mix, the flow, momentum and tempo of the book are inspired by his understanding of DJing and keeping an audience energised and entertained.


You may go to any section of the book and pick up the story or characters referred to and be entertained by them without having reference to any other section.


Previous to writing, DJ Dribbler was one of the four DJs at the world famous Edinburgh club night, PURE.


PURE was commonly regarded by journalists, DJs and artists at the time as one of the best house and techno nights in the world.


He was also tour DJ for techno band, ORBITAL, throughout the mid-late 90s.



"Punchy geezer writing" ..... DJ Mag


"Legendary" ..... Mixmag


"Fast paced characters with sharp wit" .... iamcru


"Ace book based on 90s rave culture" .... Luke Solomon


"What a freekin' ride" .... Jonny Rock


"One of the best things I've ever read" .... Mike Boorman (Ransom Note)