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Rehearsal Rooms

We host the area's premier rehearsal space. At 40' x 28' x 8' the main room is large enough to hold gigs for up to 60 people so more than adequate to practice, spread out and enjoy the comfortable leather sofas and 70's LA tattoo parlour vibe.

The room is kitted out with PA, 12 channel mixer, Marshal bass amps, Marshall, Fender and vintage Trace Elliot Twin Speed guitar amps, mics, mic stands and full Premier drum kit.

The acoustics are excellent, so much so this room is used for 'live room' recording with a great room sound, particularly sweet on drums.

We take bookings for permanent slots, one per night and payable upfront at the start of each calendar month. For this commitment the room is available all evening on your designated day till 10PM.

Slots are scarce and so please make enquiries if you are interested in taking any of our future vacancies.

As an overflow and for one-off rehearsals, our second practice room is slightly smaller but can easily house a 5 piece band and is kitted out to the same level as our main room.

Pease call 0787 205 8744 for enquiries and we will be only too happy to try and fit you in.