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Legends of BUMS 2020 MEMBERSHIP

Legends of BUMS 2020 MEMBERSHIP


Supporting #BUMS sustainability and development through membership

Become one of the #BUMS fully paid up members and support our drive to improve and diversify local musical culture and the nighttime economy.

Barrow Underground Music Society

As all of our  members know we have spent the last two years setting up what is now a widely respected live music venue. We have concentrated on ensuring our rosta has been unique to the area and our members support has been immense.

The club is not for profit, and always will be, with this in mind and to help us continue to break down walls and push the musical boundaries we feel now is the time to ask our membership to back us by agreeing to raise funds through an annual fundraiser for the club.

Throughout the last two years we hit a number of challenges with maintenance of the building and facilities. Our closely managed budgets ensure that the artists, rent, gas and electric and brewery costs are covered but this does not leave a surplus for any unforeseen expenses.

Your donations will ensure our current priorities for the building are completed and future planned updates are achievable.

Since its inception #BUMS has always been run by the members, its if your club.

1. We are not for profit.
2. Your financial support will help the club plan and develop for the long term.
3. The difference these donations will make will be immediate and clear for all members to see and enjoy.



xxAll @ BUMS