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BUMS e-Ticket : OFFICIAL MADCHESTER CLASSICS night with M.C. TUNES (Live) + VINCE VEGA - Fri 14th Dec 2018

BUMS e-Ticket : OFFICIAL MADCHESTER CLASSICS night with M.C. TUNES (Live) + VINCE VEGA - Fri 14th Dec 2018


Barrow Underground Music Society Presents

OFFICIAL MADCHESTER CLASSICS night with M.C. TUNES (Live PA) & DJ VINCE VEGA - Friday 14th December 2018

BUMS gets all oldskool with 2 rooms of Manchester classics.. 30 years of Hacienda house music killers in the main room and full baggy Indie dance anthems in the bar. 

MC Tunes hails from the Moss Side area in Manchester, England. Tunes played a significant role in the Madchester-music scene during the 1980s and 1990s. In his early career Tunes took niche music genres into the UK Singles Chart, whilst fronting 808 State, and later achievied cult status with the band, Dust Junkys. His biggest success came when he collaborated with Fat Boy Slim on the hit single Gangsta Tripping.

Since 2016 Tunes has been the host MC on all the Hacienda Classical events along with writing new material for his reformed band Dust Junkys.


Tunes first worked with 808 State on the 1990 album The North At Its Heights (ZTT Records).[2] The album was a moderate success, reaching number 26 in the UK Albums Chart,[3] and also saw European and Japanese releases. It spawned three UK singles that entered the UK Singles Chart: "The Only Rhyme That Bites" (ZTT, 1990) reached number 10 and again (ZTT,1992) reached number 47, "Tunes Splits The Atom" (ZTT, 1990) number 18 and "Primary Rhyming" (ZTT, 1990) peaked at number 67 – this was also the first of the singles to have the 'versus 808 State' wording removed from the cover credits.[3] Each single was supported by a promotional video. On 19 November 2011 a deluxe edition of The North At Its Heights was released by ZTT Records in Japan, due to a resurgence of interest in this work. The release featured seven additional tracks including "Dance Yourself To Death" – Dust Bros club mix: remixed by the Dust Bros; and a remake of "The Only Rhyme That Bites" – Ugly as Sin mix: remixed and remodelled by Tunes for the release.

In 1992, Tunes recorded the single "Digital Bad Boy" / "Could You Understand" (Juice Box) with A Guy Called Gerald.[2]

'The Only Rhyme That Bites' video was recorded in the basement of the old Express Newspapers building on Ancoats Lane.

With the success of the 808 State collaborations and his growing reputation on the global hip hop scene, ZTT Records signed a separate deal with MC Tunes. With the project being overseen by Trevor Horn, recording began at Sarm Studios on a series of tracks in 1991. The result was nine tracks which, with an addition of a new version of "Dance Yourself To Death" produced by the Dust Brothers, were intended to be released in album format under the title Damage by Stereo. It is unclear why at the time of its making the album was not released but, in 2012, the entire collection of missing master tapes were rediscovered.

In April 2014, it was announced that "Damage by Stereo" was to be released by Peter Hook's Haçienda Records label.[1]

Tracks from the album were previewed in an event at Factory Manchester on Saturday 19 April in an event hosted by Clint Boon of XFM and Inspiral Carpets billed as an evening of talk, tape and performance. The music was played from the original half inch master tapes which had been treated by Advanced Media Restoration in Manchester and played from a reel to reel machine. The event also saw MC Tunes performing material over instrumental versions of the tracks retrieved from the tapes. As no album art had been prepared for the original release Mancunian artist Jay Smith provided the backdrop for the stage as he painted the cover art for Damage by Stereo.

On Monday 9 February 2015 "Damage By Stereo" was eventually released, almost 24 years after it was originally recorded. The album was made available on a limited edition double CD, Serial Number HAC018, featuring the 10 original tracks intended for the album and a five track bonus disc featuring dance remixes by 808 State's Andy Barker, DJ & Producer Mark Wells, the Dust Brothers, TtrueAR and The Laboratory Project. Two slightly different versions of the CD were manufactured. One hundred copies were created for guests at the official album launch party held at South Manchester, with another limited batch of CDs being produced for general release. The album was also made available digitally through Hacienda Records and on various other digital platforms including iTunes and Spotify.